Meet the owner: Waqas Chughtai from Rosemary Bookkeeping Reading shares his story.

There are as many reasons to start a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise as there are people.

Our business owners work for themselves but not by themselves to deliver personalised and expert bookkeeping services to commercial clients and small business owners nationwide.

Professional Background

As a qualified Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) and Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA) with enormous experience in practice and across different industries, Waqas is an expert in personal tax corporation, Tax and VAT.

Already the founder of his practice, WAC and Co Accountants and E-Accountants Limited, Waqas’ decision to take over Rosemary Bookkeeping Reading in 2022 was “driven by a passion for accuracy and a commitment to client satisfaction.”

 “We offer a comprehensive suite of bookkeeping and value-added services, from meticulous accounting to strategic financial planning. Upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethics, I ensure our practices inspire confidence in our clients,” he says.

Why Rosemary Bookkeeping?

As a result, Waqas says that he chose to own a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise due to the brand’s commitment to excellence. A value that he shares.

“Rosemary’s dedication to top-tier bookkeeping services aligns seamlessly with our focus on precision and personalised client care.

This partnership provides a robust framework for innovations, ensuring we deliver cutting-edge solutions. The collaborative community within the Rosemary network enhances our growth and knowledge-sharing opportunities, reinforcing our position as a trusted leader in the accounting industry,” he says.

The benefits of a Rosemary Bookkeeping business

Through the tried and tested Rosemary Bookkeeping model, Waqas could achieve his aspiration of contributing to society by creating employment and helping smaller businesses grow.

“Beyond financial expertise, we are dedicated to community dedicated to community engagement. As the owner, I have the flexibility to support initiatives that contribute to the greater good,” he says.

With a focus on expertise, innovation, and a client-centric approach, owning Rosemary Bookkeeping Reading also allows Waqas to deliver cutting-edge solutions and build lasting relationships.

The story so far…

Waqas’ journey with the Rosemary Bookkeeping has been marked by significant milestones and achievements.

He has experienced steady growth, expanding their client base and service offerings and achieving a notable increase in client satisfaction scores by pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved by offering end-to-end solutions for all their client’s needs.

“We’re proud to have exceeded the performance benchmarks set by the franchise,” says Waqas.

“Our team has completed advanced training programs, enhancing our aspiration to continue this trajectory and further solidifying our position as a trusted financial partner.

We are committed to surpassing our goals, delivering exceptional service, and contributing to the continued success of the Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise.”

Words of Advice

Waqas has some expert words of advice looking for business owners or aspirational individuals looking to start a bookkeeping franchise:

“Embark on success with Rosemary, merging strategic vision and unparalleled support. Align your goals with Rosemary’s proven excellence in bookkeeping, benefiting from robust support for business growth. Ensure seamless synergy between your skills and Rosemary’s renowned services, creating a powerful combination for client satisfaction. Tap into the network of successful Rosemary franchise owners, gaining valuable insight by taking full advantage of the brand that has created an exceptional reputation,” he says.

“Experience the empowering commitment to excellence and continuous learning, achieving measurable success. Build a reputation for outstanding customer satisfaction with Rosemary’s client-centric approach. Leverage adaptability for resilience in dynamic markets, operation confidently with a commitment to legal standards.

Choose Rosemary for elevated business standards and a path to sustained success.”

Want to succeed in a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise?

If you are ready to work for yourself with a passion for helping clients with their bookkeeping needs while controlling your work-life balance, a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise could be your perfect next step.

Call our franchise sales team on 0116 275 9000 to enquire about available franchise opportunities near you today.

We sat down with Waqas Chughtai, the new owner of Rosemary Bookkeeping Reading, to discuss why he decided to buy a Rosemary Bookkeeping Franchise.

Waqas Chughtai has had an extensive career working in accountancy and finance and is now adding another string to his bow by taking over as the owner of Rosemary Bookkeeping Reading.

The business, which was previously run by Mike Wallace, has been placed in the capable hands of Waqas, following a sale earlier this year.

Prior Career

Waqas is no stranger to what it takes to run a small business. With many years of experience behind him in growing companies in the accountancy sector and undertaking multiple roles in his impressive career.

A senior and fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Waqas started his career at KPMG and has since grown his position and career in many companies including GO-ERP and Avanade, before starting his practice – WAC & Co. in 2012.

These saw him taking on many roles, as he grew to Finance Manager, Financial Controller, CFO, and ultimately a Finance Director position.

Waqas says he “Left [his] permanent role in 2012 because [he] always wanted to be in practice and managing [his] own business.”

During the initial phase of growing his business, Waqas worked part-time, simultaneously working with Evernote, a sister company of Microsoft.

“I contracted with them for a few years,” Waqas says. “[Working on] system implementation on the financial module side of things and consistently growing my practice in the background.”

Following the acquisition of a running practice called E-Accountants Ltd, Waqas’ services and expertise were able to expand further into accountancy. As such, he went full-time at his practice in 2017.

“We are now of reasonably good size,” Waqas says. “We have a back office as well as a couple of guys working here, a small team of seven or eight now.”

Though offering payroll and other accounting services through E-Accountants, Waqas wanted to expand further into bookkeeping.

“We were doing a bit of bookkeeping but not mostly bookkeeping clients,” he says.

Finding a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise

Looking to expand, Waqas didn’t set out with the intention of looking into franchising but says that once he started looking, he began to see the clear benefits.

“You are part of a bigger group,” he says. “And it’s just an added peace-of-mind for a client [when] they’re dealing with someone who is part of a group rather than just a sole practitioner.”

Why Rosemary Bookkeeping?

As part of an extensive and reputable franchise network, our business owners are in charge of their businesses, but with the operational, marketing, and system-wide support of a national franchisor.

With a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise, you can grow a thriving business, without being in it alone.

Backed by a network of like-minded professionals across the UK and an expert head office team, we ensure that you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

As Waqas says, the Rosemary model is,

“An established system that has worked for many.

For someone who is entering or starting up a new practice, it provides all of the basic and essential ingredients under one roof and provides the necessary training, staff, and material that you need to really kick start your business.”

Moving into the future

With his Rosemary Bookkeeping business, Waqas can achieve synergy throughout his practice and provide value-added services for new and existing clients of his, and of Rosemary Bookkeeping Reading.

With our current financial landscape shifting near-constantly, lots of small businesses up and down the UK are unsure of what their futures hold.

As a Rosemary Bookkeeping business owner, Waqas and the rest of our franchisees support and guide other small businesses through what may otherwise be confusing and turbulent waters.

“A lot is changing,” says Waqas.

“In regards to, let’s say, MTD. MTD was a very recent phenomenon. Larger companies are prepared for this because they have the forms and the talent to guide them.

But smaller businesses are confused as to how it affects them. So, [we want] to ensure that we are there to help them.”

Want to run your own business?

If, like Waqas, you want to support or start your own business by helping other small businesses with their bookkeeping, get in touch with us today.

Contact our friendly franchise sales team on 0116 275 9005 to find out about available territories near you.