Sarah Connop from Rosemary Bookkeeping Shrewsbury and Telford picked up the coveted Growth award at this year’s Rosemary Bookkeeping Spring Forum.

Rosemary Bookkeeping held its annual spring forum recently, allowing business owners from across the UK to get together and discuss key successes and ways to overcome shared obstacles – topped off with a spot of afternoon tea!

The day also saw some business owners awarded for their successes in 2023.

This included Sarah Connop from Rosemary Bookkeeping Shrewsbury and Telford, who won an award for significant business growth in the last year.

Sarah’s development through key initiatives helped her to grow by over £20,000 in a single year!

Yasmin Chaudhari, Marketing Manager for Rosemary Bookkeeping added:

“It’s great to see the network reach new heights and push the boundaries on what their investment is capable of.”

“A huge congratulations again to all our award winners; I can’t wait to see what the next year brings us and see some new faces on the orange carpet.”

Could you be the next Sarah?

If, like Sarah, you would like to start your own growing bookkeeping business with the expert support of an extensive franchise support team, contact our franchise sales team on 0116 275 9000, email or book an intro call to the brand to learn about opportunities in your area.