Did you know that bookkeeping is listed as one of the most profitable businesses in 2021?

According to NerdWallet that is the case!

Ranked at position 18, bookkeeping and accounts represents a great business opportunity. But why?

That’s because business owners pay for these services by the plenty, as to them, bookkeeping and accounts are the worst part of owning a business. Knowing that there is someone else who can do them and do them well, means a bookkeeper is worth their weight in gold.

Launching a bookkeeping business can help individuals to service this growing demand to help them to keep their finances in good order! It also couldn’t be easier through using a franchise (Such as Rosemary Bookkeeping) to build a client base and get you up to speed with what’s involved.

It isn’t necessary to have qualifications in accounting to be a bookkeeper as long as you are properly trained. Here at Rosemary Bookkeeping we can take care of that.

We can also take care of:

  • Marketing help
  • Operational support
  • Website & collateral
  • Software
  • 10 qualified leads to get you started

With high profit margins of over 50%, the ability to choose your hours and work from the comfort of your own home, it is no surprise that bookkeeping is listed as one of the 23 most profitable businesses in 2021.

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