Introducing Nirmal Thakkar, the new business owner bringing Rosemary Bookkeeping services to Stevenage and surrounding areas. 

Back in June, we sat down with Nirmal Thakkar, the brand-new owner of Rosemary Bookkeeping Garden City at the end of her training academy to talk about her life and new business.

Nirmal loved taking part in her bookkeeping training and feels like she’s prepared to carry out the processes required to help her clients with their bookkeeping needs, and is looking forward to building even more skills that will come with practice.

Nirmal came to the UK in 2002 from India, and received an MBA from Hertfordshire University, before going on to work in sales banking. She then took a break from the industry whilst on maternity leave and helped a friend build his business from the ground up. More recently, Nirmal has been working within the NHS as a 111-call handler, which has seen her lead a team with 25 people and work as both a trainer and auditor. Nirmal balances her work life with home life as a Mum to her 10-month-old son and 11-year-old daughter.

She was attracted to Rosemary, she says because she wanted more time to spend with her family. And after hearing about Rosemary from a friend, whose judgement she trusted judgement, Nirmal looked into Rosemary and compared it with other businesses. She says that after speaking to the Rosemary Brand Leader and our friendly franchise sales team she felt a good connection with the people and brand at Rosemary and a sense of comfort that was different when compared to other franchises. Now having completed her academy and ready to start trading, she says she feels “100% confident that [she has] done the right thing.”

In choosing to start a franchise business, Nirmal says, you are working as part of an extended network that is already in the market, as an already established business with a strong brand name. This gives you extra support from the network, and Nirmal says she has already been “blown away with the potential marketing from the support centre” at ServiceMaster head office.

If, like Nirmal, you would like to begin a franchising journey with us to grow your very own successful bookkeeping business in a supportive environment of franchise professionals, fill out a contact form or call 0116 275 9005 to get in touch with our Franchise Sales team today and find available opportunities near you.