Did you know that you do not need any prior experience, or qualifications in bookkeeping or accounts to become a Rosemary Bookkeeping business owner?

Whilst they are nice to have, they are not essential prerequisites to join our franchise opportunity. In fact, many of our franchise partners have come from a range of backgrounds, not just financial.

So why did they want to start a bookkeeping business? 

  • Low entry level in to business
  • High demand
  • Valued service
  • Low running costs
  • Great margins
  • Can be operated remotely
  • No need for an office facility

What about, why our franchise partners chose us? 

  • Full training
  • Marketing launch
  • Fully managed website
  • Established Brand
  • Established franchise network
  • Unlimited support

The list could go on!

In short, a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise is a great step in to business from any background, with the opportunity to build a scalable business.

If you’d like to discuss the opportunity, training or investment in further detail, we would love to hear from you.

For further information contact us at 0116 275 9005 / franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk