Goska Dabrowski is the proud owner of Rosemary Bookkeeping Bournemouth and joined the franchise almost 5 years ago.

We asked Goska the following questions that could prove helpful to someone looking to join the Rosemary Bookkeeping network, read on for Goska’s answers:

What made you choose to own your own business? 

“I needed more flexibility!”

Why did you choose to partner up with us?

“Good support. Being new to the country and owning a business – I needed a good support structure.”

What would be your advice to someone starting up in business/franchising?

“One step at a time. Don’t rush in to it by picking up every client possible. Be careful not to grow to fast in case you have client management issues.”

What were your growth plans when starting your business?

“To work back my financial input from the business. The first year I wanted to make back 1/10. The second year I hit figures I didn’t even dream of in just year 2!”

Would you recommend Rosemary Bookkeeping as a franchise opportunity?

“It’s good and fair. Advice is given when needed.”

Goska will soon be entering her second five-year agreement with us and we look forward to continuing our working relationship through helping Goska to achieve her financial and lifestyle. goals

If you’d like to chat with Goska or any other member of our franchise network, contact our franchise recruitment team to day on 0116 275 9005 to set up a conversation.