We sat down with Mohammad Hossain, the owner of Rosemary Bookkeeping in Stratford to chat about his experience as a franchisee for Rosemary Bookkeeping.

Mohammad came to the UK in 2009 to begin training in accountancy with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Within three years he was ready to start work in an accounting firm, getting some hands-on and practical experience as a training provider. Whilst continuing with his study, Mohammad was constantly looking for ways to expand his skills. So, he spent seven months training on SAGE accounting and payroll and more and more time practising at different accounting, practice, and charity firms to build a base of practical accountancy skills like managing VAT and accounts. With the hope of one day being able to build a client base of his own and become a trusted source for people looking for help with their finances.

When the COVID pandemic began in 2020, Mohammad was able to take a step back and gain a fresh perspective. He realised he wanted to start his own business. He had been gaining experience for around 10 years now, it was time to make something of his own. So, he did so some research and decided that he wanted to go the route of franchising because of the added support he would gain from a franchise network.

“I wanted to be independent and be out on my own as I was very confident in the skills, knowledge and expertise I had in accounting and services like payroll, VAT, and CIS. I was fully confident that I can run my own business. But I knew it would be difficult for me to do this on my own without any kind of support to help me strengthen and grow the business. So, I decided not to go alone and to go with a franchise that could give me all the support I needed to grow.”

Mohammad then spent a long time looking into franchises that would be a good fit for his experience and that he felt would be a reliable investment for him but says he struggled to find anything that was a good fit.

“I had been gaining experience for the last ten years and I wanted to use my skills and expertise for my own business. So, I was looking for something that suited me but wasn’t finding anything.”

But then, whilst looking in the franchise magazine Point Franchise, Mohammad found ServiceMaster and Rosemary Bookkeeping. He got in touch with Emma Chappell from our friendly franchise recruitment team and was impressed by the simultaneous friendliness and professionalism of the ServiceMaster and Rosemary team. Mohammad then asked Emma for some references for the other Rosemary franchisees before making any decisions, and says he was left very optimistic due to the responses of the other business owners, as well as feeling reassured in his investment due to Rosemary’s background “as a multinational company with a very strong background.”

After deciding to join the Rosemary Bookkeeping network as a franchise owner, Mohammad underwent our comprehensive two-week training academy to become acquainted with the systems, processes, and operation of managing a Rosemary Bookkeeping business. As someone who is always looking to grow and expand his knowledge, Mohammad says he enjoyed the experience of the training academy.

“I found the academy excellent and that period of training really exciting. Rosemary prepared so much to welcome me on board that was not only engaging with the business, but training, support, and preparation for all the knowledge and technology the business needs. Everything I needed, they provided me. The academy was perfect. Even though I was already trained under SAGE, Xero, and other bookkeeping steps, came out with more knowledge, new skills, and experience.”

Due to starting his business during the COVID19 paramedic, initially, Mohammad struggled to build a client base. But he was supported through this by the franchise network.

“In the beginning, there weren’t many clients, mostly ones from my old business. But I was assured by Nina [Rosemary Bookkeeping brand leader] and other Rosemary franchisees to be patient and it would grow and that’s what happened. Now I’m really happy I am getting more clients, more responses, getting familiar with the people and local businesses and it’s just looking very positive.”

Now, Mohammad says he finds being a franchise owner very rewarding for many reasons. Chiefly though, he says he gains satisfaction from building a strong customer base and building brand awareness in his territory – something he says is helped by being part of the wider Rosemary brand.

“I’m getting clients through the website and now my friends and other people ask me about Rosemary, whereas previously they didn’t know about it, or people don’t know the difference between bookkeeping and accounting. But now thanks to the website or marketing, the Rosemary name is getting out there online, and also locally so that when people search for bookkeeping organisations – my name comes up as a leading name. This means we get more clients through the website who are confident that we are a local company, that is also well-established and reliable.”

But at the heart of it, Mohammad’s primary source of satisfaction comes from helping his clients and feeling accomplished in that he can help them when they need it. And due to being part of a wider network, when he needs help and support, it is on hand.

“The best thing is all work I do for the clients and the satisfaction from being able to help them through something myself. But also knowing that sometimes whenever I face difficulties with some of the transactions or other issues, there is the Rosemary support platform and meetings with the rest of the franchisees who can help me. At any time, I can leave questions or messages and get a response very quickly, which is wonderful.”

Mohammad says that this makes working with a franchise a lot better than owning a business by yourself. Even though he was concerned about the initial investment.

“[Owning a business on your own] will be really difficult in this competitive market because the big brands will not let you get clients easily. But working with Rosemary, within one year I can see that I am getting a positive return on the investment.”

If like Mohammad, you would like to invest in owning a business that would allow you to receive support from a dependable franchise network. All whilst being able to support your own clients with their finances, fill out a contact form or call 0116 275 9005 to get in touch with our Franchise Sales team today and find available opportunities near you.

Written by Tom Page, Digital Content Writer

It’s the start of a new financial year. Ready to make a change?

It’s April, signalling the arrival of spring, Easter, and a new financial year. A time when businesses take time to take stock of their finances and plan for the year ahead.

When making a big life change, there is a lot to consider. But if you think part of your plans this new financial year could involve owning your own business, having the proper information and support is crucial. That’s why we’ve put together a blog on the essential information you need to know to start your own business with Rosemary Bookkeeping.

Franchising: What is it exactly?

Rosemary Bookkeeping is what is known as a franchise business. Put simply, franchising is an alternative route into business that provides business owners – also known as franchisees – with a tried and tested business model that is proven to be successful. So, in purchasing a Rosemary Bookkeeping business, you will become a franchisee. What this means for you is that, in turning over your new leaf, you’re not starting from scratch. The business is still yours, but you’re not in it alone, you’ll have the full support of our Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise network (and our parent company ServiceMaster Ltd.) behind you.

This has great benefits for you in terms of the amount of financial support you will receive. In fact, many leading banks in the UK recognise franchising as the safest route into business. As a result, many may even lend you up to 70% finance towards your investment.

Ultimately, franchising is about support. And above all, it can be reassuring to know that there is an established and experienced governing body behind you as you take that first step into starting a new business.

Rosemary Bookkeeping: Your best choice

With an established presence in the UK, Rosemary Bookkeeping and ServiceMaster Ltd are recognised, well-known, and trusted brands chosen by residential and commercial customers alike, with franchises turning over £50 million across the ServiceMaster network in 2021.

Investing in a trusted franchise from ServiceMaster like Rosemary Bookkeeping connects you to our franchise support centre. This means you’re provided with a direct line to all of the support, advice, training, marketing materials, systems, and processes that you need to run a successful bookkeeping business.

Owning a Rosemary Bookkeeping business means:

  • Flexible hours and the ability to work from home
  • A recurring income with average 75% gross profit margins
  • Excellent growth opportunities to build into a management style business
  • Dedicated support from an experienced franchisor in Bookkeeping, Operations, Sales & Marketing
  • Maintaining personal autonomy whilst still working for a well-established and trusted brand

If you like the idea of being your own boss and being able to manage your own time and business, all whilst offering support to other small businesses, get in touch with our franchise sales team today.

Take the first step towards a fresh start with Rosemary Bookkeeping this financial year by filling out a contact form or by calling 0116 275 9005.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Rosemary Bookkeeping!

In keeping with the theme of the day, we’re sharing the love. We asked the franchise owners within our national network to share what it is that they love about franchising, and owning a Rosemary Bookkeeping business.

Whether it’s being a part of an established network of friendly franchisees, or working with a trusted and dependable business model, there’s a lot to love about owning a Rosemary Bookkeeping business. As Caroline O’Brien from Rosemary Bookkeeping Coventry will tell you:

 “What I love about the Rosemary Bookkeeping brand is the fact that we get great support from each other and the Head Office team. They are all a really friendly and knowledgeable bunch of people and I feel very safe in their hands.”

If you’re looking to start a new business that will allow you to offer support to small businesses and be able to manage your own time and business from home, make an enquiry with us, and join our network of satisfied franchisees today. Upon purchasing a business with us, you will take part in one of our comprehensive training academies, to help you get to grips with the Rosemary Bookkeeping values, strategies and methods. No matter your experience of the bookkeeping, franchising, or the stage of your journey, we will be there to support you every step of the way.

Tom Page, Digital Content Writer – ServiceMaster

As we head into February and closer to spring, here are all of the things to love about starting a Rosemary Bookkeeping business now.

Spring is approaching, and whilst there is no bad time to purchase a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise, this is an excellent time to start thinking about growing with a new business.

As spring gets closer, as does the new financial year – beginning in March. This something that our Rosemary Bookkeeping franchisees can take advantage of with both our services and our marketing, as more and more people start spending time thinking about sorting their books ahead of the new tax year.

Springtime is all about new starts, and what better way to reflect this, by giving yourself a fresh start by purchasing a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise? But unlike the natural world, you won’t have to build yourself from the ground up. Joining a successful franchise like Rosemary Bookkeeping means that all of the groundwork has been laid for you. By joining our network, you are also joining a nationwide team of other successful franchises with a pre-existing, tried and trusted business model.

Upon purchasing a Rosemary Bookkeeping business you will take part in one of our comprehensive training academies to help you get acclimated to the Rosemary Bookkeeping brand, disciplines and strategies. This all but eliminates the awkward period of finding your feet and ensures that your business can hit the ground running, equipped with all tools you’ll need to succeed straight out of the gate.

And there’s lots to love about a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise. The Rosemary Bookkeeping brand is trusted to provide intelligent bookkeeping services to SMEs and accountants across nationwide, with a huge potential market of 4 million businesses in the UK to whom we can offer our services. With 60 years successful franchising experience as part of the ServiceMaster brand family, our Rosemary Bookkeeping franchisers are in safe hands.

Whether you’re new to bookkeeping and franchising, or an industry professional – the tried and tested Rosemary model can help you develop a highly successful business.

If are looking for a fresh start that will allow you to run a business from home, have a better work-life balance, and offer support small businesses, click here or call 0116 275 9005 to make an enquiry about starting a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise today.

Credit: Tom Page, Digital Content Writer – ServiceMaster

Ready to make a change this New Year? Why not join a leading UK franchise with Rosemary Bookkeeping?

Happy New Year from all of us at Rosemary Bookkeeping. With 2022 here, many will be looking ahead and as a result, you make be thinking about making some changes in your life and career. If this sounds like you, why not consider making your New Year’s resolution to give yourself a fresh start by purchasing a Rosemary Bookkeeping business?

If you are on the fence and are unsure about making a big change, that is understandable – it’s a big decision to make. Ultimately, the choice lies with you, but it can still be worth looking into the many advantages that franchising provides. So, we’ve put together a list of questions that you might have about franchising, as well as the benefits it can provide.

What is franchising?

First things first, what even is franchising? Put simply, franchising is an alternative route into business that provides business owners – also known as franchisees – with an already tried and tested business model that has been proven successful.

Pro: You can receive external financial support

Many leading banks in the UK recognise franchising as the safest route into business and as a result may be willing to lend you up to 70% finance towards your investment.

All in all, franchising is about support. It can be reassuring to know that there is an established and experienced governing body behind you as you take that first step into starting a new business. With Rosemary Bookkeeping, and our main body ServiceMaster Ltd., you will be set with a recipe for success.

OK, so why choose Rosemary?

With an established presence in the UK, Rosemary Bookkeeping and ServiceMaster Ltd are recognised, well-known, and trusted brands chosen by residential and commercial customers alike, with franchises turning over in excess of around £50 million across the ServiceMaster network in 2021.

Investing in a trusted franchise from ServiceMaster like Rosemary Bookkeeping provides you with a wide reaching network and connects you to our franchise support centre, who are able to provide support and advice, training, marketing materials, and all of the systems and processes that you might need.

Choosing to own a Rosemary Bookkeeping business means:

  • Having a recurring income with average 75% gross profit margins
  • Excellent growth opportunities to build into a management style business
  • Flexible hours and the ability to work from home – which keeps costs down
  • Receiving dedicated support in Bookkeeping, Operations, Sales & Marketing

How is franchising better than starting my own business?

We understand that one of the main draws of owning your own business is, well, having your own business. Though our franchisees are provided support and a business model, they are still responsible for their own business and are given plenty of autonomy within their own territory. As well as this, starting your own business will be challenging no matter which way you slice it. However, with a franchise, you have the support of a larger body behind you. As a result, a business that you have started on your own has a statistically proven higher chance of failure than a franchise business.

An outstanding franchise like Rosemary Bookkeeping gives you a helping hand when and where you need it, and allows you to build on a previously proven business formula. All of those things that you ‘try to see if they work’ in the early stages of starting a business have already been done by the franchisor, so you save a lot of time and money and reduce your investment risk. With a franchise, you are ultimately in charge of your own operation, but you don’t need to spend time trying to reinvent the wheel.

But don’t just take our word for it…

The British Franchise Association believes that,

“Franchising remains one of the most successful forms of starting your own business, with extremely high success rates and much more security than starting your own without the proven system, support and brand.”

Where can I learn more?

If this has helped you learn more about franchising and you now think that you might want to delve into starting a business of your own with Rosemary Bookkeeping, you can find more about us and our franchise opportunities here.

Or, if this has given you an interest in franchising, but you are unsure if Rosemary Bookkeeping is right for you, why not check out franchise opportunities with the other brands within the ServiceMaster Ltd. family of brands.

For further information on this, or any of our other money-making opportunities, call our franchise sales team on 0116 275 9005 / franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk 

Credit: Tom Page, Digital Content Writer – ServiceMaster

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a budding entrepreneur in Reading and surrounding areas looking to set up their own bookkeeping business. Rosemary Bookkeeping Reading has been established for nearly 10 years and provides bookkeeping and VAT returns to clients, from many sectors in and around the local area.

It is now on the market for someone who is ready to build on what is a great existing business opportunity.

For an ambitious owner the opportunity is there to use the stable base of 50 clients currently served and implement a marketing programme to increase sales and build a substantial bookkeeping business.

Investing in this area also means you have the potential to serve over 16,000 businesses and acquisition of the existing client list, which is included in the price of the sale.

Business Information

Year Established 2012
Clients 50
Employees 3 current employees, all work part time from home and would be eligible for transfer
Software Yes
Website www.rosemarybooks.co.uk/reading
Stock/Equipment provided Yes – further details on request
Vehicles No
Premises No – this is a home-based operation, which can easily be relocated to the new owner’s premises




A comprehensive training academy provided by ServiceMaster UK is included within the franchise fee.


Unlimited support is provided throughout the length of the franchise agreement. Support includes assistance with operational matters, marketing, sales, IT, health & safety and more.


Up to 70% of the total franchise fee can be financed through most major banks and franchise finance providers, subject to status. You may also be eligible to borrow up to £25,000 through the Government Start Up Loans Scheme.


Particulars of the Sale

Turnover: £76,630

Asking price: £65,000


If you would like to find more about this exciting opportunity to own an already established bookkeeping business in the Reading area, call 0116 275 9005 or email franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk for a full business prospectus

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a budding entrepreneur in Coventry and surrounding areas, looking to set up their own bookkeeping business. Rosemary Bookkeeping Coventry has been an established business for over 8 years and provides bookkeeping and VAT returns to clients, from many sectors in and around the area.

It is now on the market for someone who is ready to build on what is a great existing business opportunity.

For an ambitious owner the opportunity is there to use the stable base of 50 clients currently served and implement a marketing programme to increase sales and build a substantial bookkeeping business.

Investing in this area also means you have the potential to serve over 11,000 businesses and access to an existing client list, which is included in the price of the sale.

Business Information

Year Established 2013
Customers 50
Employees 1 owner operator and 1 part-time employee (14 hours/ week)
Software Xero, Sage, Excel
Website www.rosemarybooks.co.uk/coventry/
Vehicles n/a
Premises Both members of staff work from home in Coventry. However, there are 2 on-site clients based in Coventry



A comprehensive training academy provided by ServiceMaster UK is included within the franchise fee.


Unlimited support is provided throughout the length of the franchise agreement. Support includes assistance with operational matters, marketing, sales, IT, health & safety and more.


Up to 70% of the total franchise fee can be financed through most major banks and franchise finance providers, subject to status.

Particulars of the Sale

Turnover £78,705

Asking price £80,000

If you would like to find more about this exciting opportunity to own an already established bookkeeping business in the Coventry area, call 0116 275 9005 or email franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk for a full business prospectus

If you don’t have finance to start a business, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of your dream. You may be eligible for finance through major banks, franchise finance providers or even the UK Government start up loan scheme.

So how do you increase the likelihood of them borrowing money to you?

Know exactly what you need to borrow 

You’ll need to gather all of you personal expenditure and funds to know exactly what you need to borrow and what you can afford to pay back. It’s important to also consider the future and any impacts your financial situation might face. I.e. are you thinking about moving house, starting or expanding a family? Any other large costs that could hinder you packing back your loan. It’s not a good idea to get in to financial difficulty as most franchises won’t accept individuals with a poor financial history.

Tidy up your finances 

As part of the application process borrowers will ask for bank statements and for a credit check. It’s a good idea ahead of this time and throughout it to avoid any unnecessary or habitually spending. Any patterns or anomalies could raise a red flag to lenders and stop, or delay the process.

Business Plan 

All finance providers will ask for a business plan. This is effectively proof that your business model and plans will achieve a turnover that can pay towards your debts at the rate at which you are asking to borrow. That said, the business plan is also a great tool for when you are in business to follow and to work with throughout the challenges that business brings. It should include operational, competitor, staffing, sales, marketing and general information around your new business plans.

Did you know that we can help you to create your business plan?

Finally, as a conciencous franchisor, we do help you with the finance process if you wish to borrow funds. We can discuss with you the wide range of options so that you can make an informed decision of who you’d like to approach for your borrowing requirements. Any help along the process, we are there.

If you’d like to discuss financing a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise, contact us on 0116 275 9005 / franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk 

So you are thinking about joining a franchise, but how do ensure that your investment in to the franchise pays off?

This is important, particularly as it is estimated that as many as 90% new start ups fail.

First and foremost, the benefit to joining a franchise is that you’re using an established brand, a proven business model and have not had to make the mistakes that many start ups have faced before you have developed. But how else can you ensure success?

  • Business Planning – An essential part of the application to join, a business plan will also form the fundamentals of running your business. Here you’ll outline everything from budgets to staffing and business objectives
  • Marketing Planning – This comes hand in hand with business planning and supports your business objectives with smaller marketing objectives to be achieved and a plan of how you will achieve them
  • Utilise support – Being a part of a franchise gives you access to support of not only a team of franchise professionals, but a network of experienced business owners too. Use the support on offer, it really does help!
  • Be proactive – Find your customers! – Being a B2B business, they generally won’t come to you unless you’ve attracted them someway. Generally in this type of work you would utilise sales and marketing skills to reach out and sell to your customers direct. Direct marketing, networking and prospecting are our most favoured ways of generating new clients
  • Keep track – Don’t let time, money or work (or lack of it) run away with you. Remember to measure against your original business and marketing objectives to ensure that you’re progressing and if not, that you can put something in place to get you back on the right track!

The above five simple tips can put you on to the path to success. Ultimately it is down to your attitude and motivation to succeed.

If you believe that you have what it takes to be a great business owner in our Rosemary Bookkeeping network, we’d love to hear from you at 0116 275 9005 / franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk 

A Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise is a sales and marketing franchise.

That means that you’ll need to conduct marketing to gain interest to your business and then convert it, using sales techniques to win business.

Some of us are naturally blessed when it comes to sales. That’s because selling is often more successful when it’s done with confidence and personality.

You can build confidence and work on your personality, but here are some key skills you’ll need to develop to be a great salesperson within your business:

  • Communication – Communication skills are key when it comes to effectively communicating with both prospects and customers
  • Listening – In particular, active listening skills to ensure that you’re able to deliver the most suitable solution to the customer
  • Objection handling – Not every call will be positive, so a good skill to have is one to switch a negative to a positive
  • Negotiation skills – These skills are often developed with practice, but can ensure that you get a good deal for you and the customer both
  • Timekeeping – One thing that can ruin all of your work when it comes to sales is not getting back to a customer or prospect when you should, timekeeping is key!

There are lots more skills that all help, but those five are the key skills that we find benefit most of our franchisees when it comes to selling their services to prospective clients.

As part of our training academy we have a great session on sales training to ensure that you feel confident in your sales skills before embarking on your new journey.

If you’d like to find out more about our business model, available territory or our next discovery and training dates, contact our franchise recruitment team today on 0116 275 9005 / franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk

Rosemary Bookkeeping is a great option for those who are interested in working from home. It is favoured because there is no commute in the busy traffic, there’s added flexibility by being at home and you can choose your work environment, rather than it being chosen for you. But how do you get the most from it?

Here are 5 tips on how to run a business from home, effectively!

  1. Separate work and pleasure 
    Make sure the office/work space is totally separate from where you spend your down-time. This will prevent you from being tempted to work when you shouldn’t and relax when you should be working!
  2. Create storage
    Running a business from home will require you to have storage and when looking after data, it needs to be kept secure. Lockable filing cabinets, safes and other organisational furniture will be required
  3. Dress for the job 
    Get up and out of your pyjamas, wear something appropriate for running your business from home. It helps with mindset and then gives you the opportunity get in to your ‘comfies’ when you’ve finished for the day
  4. Fresh air
    Take regular breaks and where possible, get some fresh air. It helps refocus the mind and awaken you if you’re feeling a little tired
  5. Have the right kit 
    If you’re lucky enough to operate your business from home, you need to ensure that you have everything you need, to do it effectively. Computer, printer, storage and stationery to name a few

Above all else, you do need to be committed and motivated to work from home. Particularly when it comes to the distractive that you expect within a home.

If you’d like to chat about the Rosemary Bookkeeping business model and how it allows for flexible home working, contact our team today on 0116 275 9005 / franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk

Much of the Rosemary Bookkeeping model is based on not only attracting, but retaining clients.

But why is it important to retain clients?

That’s because the lifetime value of a client is greater in a Rosemary Bookkeeping business because of regular recurring income. It is very much a numbers game of attracting and servicing more clients each day, week, month makes reaching targets easier and much easier to predict.

Having regular recurring income allows you to better manage staff levels, resources and investments. There are suitable systems in place to monitor these factors helping the business owner to make data informed decisions. Data informed decisions can be lower risk, preventing costly and poorly timed decisions.

How can you retain clients? 

  • Understand clients needs, meet and if you can, surpass them
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Ask clients for their feedback and act upon it
  • Reward loyalty
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Don’t become complacent

All of the above points are thoroughly covered in our Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise training academy. With continuous support throughout.

If you’d like to build a scalable business through building and retaining a customer base, we’d love to hear from you. Contact our friendly franchise sales team on 0116 275 9005 / franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk for territory and training information 

Marketing is an essential business tool to help you to create, build and maintain a relationship with your customers. For that reason, marketing takes an important spot on our initial training academy and is also supported throughout your whole business journey with us.

Marketing support has always been offered through our marketing team and via direct support from the Rosemary Bookkeeping marketing manager, however, we’ve more recently introduced a marketing academy to help franchise owners to grow their marketing skills to grow their businesses. The academy covers several topics – including but not limited to:

  • Building brand awareness locally
  • Social Media
  • Digital marketing (free & paid)
  • Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Traditional marketing
  • & more

The marketing academy also allows for discussion sessions between those on it to help generate more ideas and solutions within the network.

Of course, this is at no cost to the franchise owner, adding further value to our franchise proposition.

So when you are considering your franchise options and perhaps Rosemary Bookkeeping is one of them, remember to think of the bigger picture. The future, the development and where this fits with your long and short term goals.

For further information in our investment in marketing, book a call with our franchise sales manager today on 0116 275 9005 or email franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk


Did you know that bookkeeping is listed as one of the most profitable businesses in 2021?

According to NerdWallet that is the case!

Ranked at position 18, bookkeeping and accounts represents a great business opportunity. But why?

That’s because business owners pay for these services by the plenty, as to them, bookkeeping and accounts are the worst part of owning a business. Knowing that there is someone else who can do them and do them well, means a bookkeeper is worth their weight in gold.

Launching a bookkeeping business can help individuals to service this growing demand to help them to keep their finances in good order! It also couldn’t be easier through using a franchise (Such as Rosemary Bookkeeping) to build a client base and get you up to speed with what’s involved.

It isn’t necessary to have qualifications in accounting to be a bookkeeper as long as you are properly trained. Here at Rosemary Bookkeeping we can take care of that.

We can also take care of:

  • Marketing help
  • Operational support
  • Website & collateral
  • Software
  • 10 qualified leads to get you started

With high profit margins of over 50%, the ability to choose your hours and work from the comfort of your own home, it is no surprise that bookkeeping is listed as one of the 23 most profitable businesses in 2021.

Register your interest by calling us on 0116 275 9005 or emailing franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk

Sarah Connop from Shrewsbury brings bookkeeping services for small and mirco businesses to Shrewsbury & Telford.

Sarah is ACMA qualified and has over 20 years of experience working in a variety of financial roles, working for small businesses and both FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies to help them understand their finances.

After her long career in the corporate world and working for a number of large corporations, Sarah wanted to be able to put her knowledge to good use and help small businesses that don’t or can’t have their own finance team.

Sarah had considered setting up her own business for many years but making the leap from the corporate world to the unknown was daunting as any new business owner will understand so; after spending some time researching options, Sarah chose to join the Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise network. Working with Rosemary Bookkeeping allows Sarah to work independently and grown her own business locally, Sarah can grow her own client base and build her own business reputation but also benefit from national support and backing as well as the support from a larger network.

Utilising her own knowledge, industry experience and working with the Rosemary network, Sarah’s ambition is to work with local businesses to help them simplify their finances so that they are easier to understand, to give the business owners back valuable time so they can focus on growing and developing their business instead of using it to unravel a whole load of numbers. Sarah wants the business owners she works with to be able to focus on their goals and objectives rather than their finances so their businesses can really grow and thrive.

“I want to become a brand name that people (not just business owners) recognise. I would love for Rosemary Bookkeeping Shrewsbury & Telford to grow into a network where lots of local businesses work with and recommend Rosemary Bookkeeping Shrewsbury. That we become the bookkeeping businesses of choice for the area and associated with helping other local business owners and truly making a difference. There are so many businesses that have helped me, I would like to be able to give back.”
Sarah Connop, Owner or Rosemary Bookkeeping Shrewsbury & Telford.

We are looking forward to supporting Sarah in her Rosemary journey!

If you would like to discuss the exciting and rewarding opportunity that a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise brings, contact our franchise sales team today on 0116 275 9005 or at franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk

Caroline O’Brien,  owner and manager of Rosemary Bookkeeping Coventry started the business just over 10 years ago, within that time has built a successful and growing business. Caroline has over 30 years of experience in accountancy and bookkeeping services and provides a vital service to her SME clients across Coventry.

Because of the exemplary way Caroline runs her business, her exceptional customer service and her commitment to the Rosemary Bookkeeping Brand and Network, Caroline, Rosemary Bookkeeping Coventry have won thePrestigious Rosemary Bookkeeping 2020 Franchisee of the Year award.

This award is only given to a Franchise Partner who has displayed the highest achievement in the pursuit of excellence and professional management in of their Rosemary business.

Caroline said,
“I was really honoured and grateful to receive the Rosemary Bookkeeping 2020 Franchisee of the Year award at our recent online forum. A huge thank you to my colleague 
Jasleen Heer, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible. Also, big thanks to all the staff at Head Office for their ongoing support and finally to all the other Franchise Partners for all their help and encouragement over the years.”

Caroline is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and this is evidenced by the high level of client referrals Caroline receives.

We were delighted to announce that the North Star Award for 2020 went to Caroline and her Rosemary Bookkeeping Coventry business.

“Caroline’s business is an example of excellence and professional management of the Rosemary Bookkeeping business.I admire Caroline’s ambition to streamline all processes and her pursuit of constant improvement for the employees and herself. Rosemary Bookkeeping Coventry has been steadily growing over recent years. Caroline has built a great infrastructure of employees and subcontractors to deliver quality work to the clients and accountants. Caroline’s business is managed in a lean and efficient way with customer always in mind. She embraces the Rosemary System and supports other franchise partners in the network.”
Nina Ostasz, Rosemary Bookkeeping Operations Brand Leader added.

Congratulations Caroline!

If you’d like to join a franchise network where greatness is rewarded in recognition for your hard work, contact our franchise sales team today on 0116 275 9005 or at franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk for available territories and future training dates 

If you have been research different franchise opportunities, you may hear the phrase ‘starter package’ quite regularly. A starter package is in effect, items that you will find beneficial when you start your business that are included either within the franchise fee or for a set additional fee.

What might you expect?

  • Products to undertake the services offered by your business
  • Equipment as above
  • Business stationery such as letterheads and business cards
  • Uniforms, for yourself or employees within your business
  • Marketing literature such as flyers and posters
  • Promotional items including mugs, pens and rulers
  • Marketing launch which might include paid marketing activities
  • Membership with relevant trade bodies

Having a starter pack is a true benefit when joining a franchise. It helps you to start off with the right credentials to ensure that you have the best start. You don’t need to source much of the above for yourself and you can concentrate your first few weeks, often months in to your business, not sourcing any of the above.

Our starter package is included within our franchise fee to give new franchise owners the ease and speed required to start a business from scratch.

Not all starter packages are equal though, so do be mindful of this when you are comparing franchise opportunities like for like.

If you’d like to discuss what is included, you can chat with our franchise sales team on 0116 275 9005 or at franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk for the latest starter pack information

Rosemary Bookkeeping are one of six brands owned by ServiceMaster. Being one of six brands as part of a world-renowned franchise is beneficial for many reasons and one being that we’re able to offer centralised support to all of our brands. But why is this a good thing?

  • Greater learnings – Having the six brands, all supported centrally allows us to learn faster and utilise our learnings to make swift improvements. This is essential in learning about the brands and identifying trends with customers, the market and the wider business environment
  • High quality support – Being one large support system, we are truly able to ensure it is of the highest quality as we have the greatest control over it. Our organisational structure ensures that all departments are efficient in providing the best support to our franchisees and their customers
  • Increased focus – Having inter-departments inside a central support system allows us to maintain high levels of focus. This is because every department has clear objectives and a responsibility for the results
  • Reduced costs – Having a centralised support system allows us to keep our franchise fees lower than if we had support systems in place for all six brands. Instead we’re able to share effectively, keeping costs low and results high
  • Improved communication – As we’re all in the same building (or contact system when working from home), we’re able to communicate more effectively inter-brand, to take, relay and respond to communication quickly and effectively

We offer centralised support in call handling,  Human Resources, information technology, marketing, operations and purchasing. Our expertise are shared with you.

If you’d like to benefit from our centralised support structure, contact us today to discuss our available opportunities on 0116 275 9005 / franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk

If you are new in to business, you’ll need to ensure that you’re not diving in feet first, rather dipping your toe in the water with the lowest risk opportunity possible.

There are ways that you can ensure your business is at low risk of failure.

  1. Choose a sector where your services will be high in demand 
    Accountancy, cleaning, garden services, repairs and restoration will always be required in the fast-paced environment in which we live in
  2. Low set up costs can ensure all of your financial resource isn’t drained right away 
    Franchises are a good way at minimising set up costs as much of what is needed is included in the starter pack, and a lot of the hard work has already been done for you, such as creating and establishing a brand. Low set up costs also mean things like being able to work from a home office and no huge outlays in products, equipment or stock
  3. Speed and timing to realise your investment quicker 
    You’ll need to get your business off of the ground quickly to start realising your investment. A franchise can help you to do this with express, intensive training and a programatic launch. Timing is also important to ensure you get the maximum exposure for your new venture
  4. Locally service based 
    Service based businesses tend to stand you in a better position to succeed because you are competing locally, not nationally for customers.
  5. Consider what you enjoy and are good at 
    Your business is more likely to succeed if you are enjoy it and have the skills to operate it. Try to play on your strengths when choosing a business to make failure a very low risk when its down to your efforts

Having considered the above 5 points, you should be in a better position to choose a lower risk business opportunity.

If you need any further help on our franchise opportunity, you can call our franchise sales team on 0116 275 9005 or email them at franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk for further help!

Did you know that a Rosemary Bookkeeping Franchise is a low cost entry in to owning your own business in a money-making market?

No, well, here’s why!

  1. No office – You don’t need to buy or rent an office space to set up your business, so there’s no costs here
  2. No expensive products or equipment – Your clients buy your time, you only need basic office equipment/subscriptions
  3. Local – You deliver services locally, so no travel up and down the country to see clients, keeping your travel costs low and productive time high
  4. Low marketing costs – As much of your marketing is rolled in to sales prospecting which you do yourself through building relationships locally, it doesn’t cost very much, but your time
  5. Low franchise fee – A franchise fee under £20,000 is considered low in the industry, our franchise fee is £18,370 + VAT and when registering for VAT you can claim the VAT back!

Whilst the costs are low, the rewards are high. Gross profit margins are high, the level of support from the franchise is high and so is the satisfaction of the client when following our intelligent bookkeeping method.

With territories available nationally, training academies run often, what are you waiting for?

Register your interest by calling 0116 275 9005 or by email at franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk

Not the usual type of post you would expect to see, but some franchises do fail. Here’s some reasons why that may happen and how you can prevent it from happening to you;

Unrealistic expectations 

It’s possible that your expectations may not have been inline with the capabilities of the franchise. This for some makes the business a regret and a failure more likely.

Insufficient funds 

A business can’t operate on thin air and sometimes a business owners funds may have run dry before they’ve even got started. Often putting strain on the business and not giving it the opportunity to grow before it is closed down.

Poor marketing 

Marketing makes the phone ring. If you don’t start, or you stop, it has a detrimental effect on your business. Marketing is often undervalued in a business, particularly when other things ‘seem’ more important.

Lack of focus 

Especially in the early days, a new business requires every bit of focus possible to get it up off of the ground. Distractions can often be to blame when a business begins to fail.

Low motivation 

In business you need to be hungry to succeed. That hunger is what drives the business forward and keeps it moving forward. Without it, the business is likely to plateau or decline.

The reasons above are some of the most common, and the best franchisors can identify franchise owners in the early stages of them to help engage and coach them back in to operating a successful business.

At Rosemary Bookkeeping, our franchise team are dedicated to ensuring that a Rosemary Bookkeeping Franchise is right for every entrepreneur. If we don’t think it is, we’ll say so.
It’s in our interests to ensure that every entrepreneur has the same opportunity to succeed.

For further information on joining our restoration services franchise, contact us here or call 0116 275 9005 for further information

Rosemary Bookkeeping Franchise is one brand of 6, all a part of ServiceMaster Brands.

The team at ServiceMaster Brands have launched a NEW podcast channel for you to keep up with all things ServiceMaster Brands.

Episode 2 is all about how our Franchise Sales Manager, Emma Chappell, helps to match entrepreneurs to their dream franchise to achieve their goals in business.

You can give it a watch HERE.

Emma can help with all things franchising including:

  • General information
  • Finance
  • Training
  • Suitability
  • Territory
  • Availability
  • Resales

For any enquiries, you can speak directly to Emma at 0116 275 9005 or on email at franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk

The research process to buying a franchise is an important one. There are a minimum of 5 questions to ask a franchisor to help you in this process. These questions aren’t the typical questions relating to financials and what you get for your investment.

These 5 questions are ones that could potentially help you to make your decision based on your human needs.

  1. In what areas do you offer support? 
    Why – You might be strong in some areas of business, but not others. You need to ensure you’re strong in all
    Our answer – We offer support in all areas of the business.
  2. Are there any existing franchise owners who have come from a similar background?
    Why – You can then ask for their story and if you could be put in touch with them
    Our answer – We absolutely can match you to existing franchisees in our networks and of course, you can chat with them.
  3. Do you have a ‘buddy scheme’? 
    Why – Partnering up with a more established business owner can help you to follow in their footsteps, learn from their mistakes and grow
    Our answer – We do!
  4. Are there any additional training opportunities?
    Why – The initial training might not be enough, could be too overwhelming and over too quickly for some
    Our answer – Absolutely, we offer continuous refresher and new training opportunities.
  5. What communal events do you have and do you recognise achievements? 
    Why – Communal events represent togetherness and recognising achievements fosters motivation
    Our answer – We do, large events at least once per year and regional events quarterly. Our awards our annual too.

Through asking the above 5 questions, you’re giving the franchisor the opportunity to respond to your human needs.

If there’s anything else we can help with, most questions have been asked and there’s no such thing as a silly question so ask away.

0116 275 9005 / franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk

There are some great benefits to being a business owner and we are looking for enthusiastic, driven and determined business owners to own and operate Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise businesses across the country.

In joining Rosemary Bookkeeping as a franchise business owner, you can enjoy the following benefits;

Control your own destiny 

You are the decision maker, goal setter and getter. As such, you can control where your business goes and what it achieves. There is no greater reward than reaching your destination and we help to make the journey as comfortable as possible with our support and expertise.

Take on the risk and reap the rewards 

Fortunately, the risk associated with a franchise is much lower than going it alone. This is because of the learnings made before you. Take the leap and enjoy the rewards in a safer way to do business.

Choose the people you work with 

When you own your own business, you can to choose the people to help you to reach your goals. You can build a strong team of likeminded individuals who are all dedicated to the cause and if you’re unsure of what to look for, we can help.

Lifestyle and freedom 

If you dream of a particular lifestyle and freedom from a ‘typical day in employment’ then owning your own business is suited to you. You can choose when you work, where you work and ultimately how you work, to suit your lifestyle requirements.

Financial rewards 

It goes without saying that when you work hard, you work hard for yourself. Your hard work pays you your own dividends rather than an employers. If you are hungry to make money and want to know how using a proven business model, then a ServiceMaster franchise (there’s eight in total to choose from) could be for you.

If you would like to chat more about how we can help you to become a business owner with an established brand, proven business model and support when and where you need it, chat to us on 0116 275 9005 or via email franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk

Bookkeeping is an essential part of business. Some business owners choose to do it themselves or keep it within the business, some choose to outsource their requirements entirely to a bookkeeper. So what do they look for and how can a Rosemary franchise be beneficial?

Organised and methodical 

Don’t worry – we got you! All of our Rosemary Bookkeepers are taught in the very same methodical bookkeeping process to keep our systems uniform. This is not only helpful to the client so that their bookkeeping is consistent, but it’s also helpful for our business owners to share workloads if and when they need to.


When a client selects a Rosemary Bookkeeper, they know they are getting an ethical bookkeeper as they are part of the Rosemary Franchise Network. It’s fairly common for clients to choose bookkeepers from a well known brand rather than independents unless they come from recommendation.

Up to date knowledge 

All Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise owners are trained in the latest method and technology of bookkeeping. Refresher training is also available to all franchise owners when updates are made to the system or the requirements of bookkeeping.

Good communication

Two-way communication between the bookkeeper and the client is essential to enable the bookkeeping to be efficient and accurate. Whilst we don’t teach communication as part of the training academy, there are many communication touch points throughout the Rosemary System.

The above are just a few aspects that clients tend to look for in a bookkeeper and how a Rosemary franchise could prove to be beneficial in the decision making process.

As well as our training programme, new franchise owners also benefit from lifelong* support and a marketing launch to hit the ground running. Quashing most new business concerns with getting clients and requiring help.

If you’d like to learn more about the Rosemary Bookkeeping business model, bookkeeping process or perhaps the support you can expect to receive as a franchisee, contact us today on 0116 275 9005 / franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk

*for the length of the Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise agreement

Did you know that you do not need any prior experience, or qualifications in bookkeeping or accounts to become a Rosemary Bookkeeping business owner?

Whilst they are nice to have, they are not essential prerequisites to join our franchise opportunity. In fact, many of our franchise partners have come from a range of backgrounds, not just financial.

So why did they want to start a bookkeeping business? 

  • Low entry level in to business
  • High demand
  • Valued service
  • Low running costs
  • Great margins
  • Can be operated remotely
  • No need for an office facility

What about, why our franchise partners chose us? 

  • Full training
  • Marketing launch
  • Fully managed website
  • Established Brand
  • Established franchise network
  • Unlimited support

The list could go on!

In short, a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise is a great step in to business from any background, with the opportunity to build a scalable business.

If you’d like to discuss the opportunity, training or investment in further detail, we would love to hear from you.

For further information contact us at 0116 275 9005 / franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk 

Alan Lewin, ServiceMaster UK Managing Director of 15 years speaks exclusively with Elite Franchise Magazine on the journey and future of ServiceMaster Brands in the United Kingdom.

Read in more detail about our MD Alan Lewin, our brands, opportunities, challenges, successes and innovations.

This is the first interview of its kind for ServiceMaster Brands UK and it is a real privilege to be able to share the finished article.

You can read the article in full HERE.

Credit to Martin Morris, Writer at Elite Franchise Magazine.

For any questions surrounding our brands and franchise opportunities, you can speak to our franchise department on 0116 275 9005.

The Rosemary franchise network is well established after being incorporated in 2002. That said, resale opportunities are generally few and far between because once you’re in, you don’t want to come out.

Rosemary poses as a fantastic, flexible and scalable franchise opportunity. It’s well loved amongst those with young children, family and other lifestyle commitments because of the flexibility it provides.

Whenever a franchise owner does look to sell, it’s for very genuine reasons and we support all franchisees in their plans, even the ones to exit.

The benefits to purchasing a resale include:

  • Established name in local area
  • Customers – no need to build a customer base from scratch
  • Employees (in some cases)
  • An income from the outset (ideal if you have financial commitments)

To view our resale opportunities in the Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise network, you can find out more at this link

If you think a new territory could be for you, you’ll benefit from the new franchise launch and the thrill of building up a customer base from scratch.

All franchise opportunities whether they are a new territory, or resale benefit from our in-house franchise owner training programme where you will learn everything from the fundamentals to running a business, to the bookkeeping process itself.

If you’d like to chat about Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise opportunities in your area, contact us today on 0116 275 9005 or at franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk 

Keep reading if you have ever wanted to go in to business but have been put off by the following:

  • You don’t have the qualifications or experience
  • Marketing and HR scare you
  • Initial investments seem too high
  • You don’t know where to start
  • Worried how you’ll stand out in the crowd

Don’t let your fears choose your path. Let us help you to build a great business with our established brand, proven business model and support in areas where you need it.

Rosemary Bookkeeping have been established in the UK for over 20 years and are a trusted provider of bookkeeping services to accountants and businesses. The main reason that a business would outsource their bookkeeping is generally so that they can focus on other areas of the business where they see a return for their time.

Each territory has a minimum of 10,000 businesses within it, giving each Rosemary Bookkeeping business owner a great opportunity to build a scalable business, all from the comfort of their own home and working hours of their choosing.

Every Rosemary Bookkeeping business owner trains exclusively with us and there’s no need to have any prior experience or qualifications to be accepted.

Our marketing team have many years of experience in working with businesses to help them to attract attention from their customers and persuade them to enquire. We provide every franchise owner with their own fully managed webpage and dedicated marketing launch upon set up.

Finally, our franchise fee could be financed through the Government Start-up Loan Scheme or via most major high street banks. Why not chat to us regarding the application and approval process?

If you’d like to learn more about this great opportunity to go in to business for yourself, not by yourself – contact us today without delay on 0116 275 9005 or at franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk

A new bookkeeping business has just been opened by Sri Lankan born, Nilusha Thayanthurage and she looks forward to helping businesses to get back on their feet in the coming months by helping them with their bookkeeping requirements.

“I was looking for more of a challenge in my career and after doing a lot of homework on different businesses, Rosemary Bookkeeping stood out as the one to invest in”, said Nilusha.

Nilusha gained a masters in Business Adminstration and started her career as an Accounts Clerk in Sri-Lanka, going on to work for a bank and then in 2013 moved to the UK to help her husband with his business. After 8 years of assisting her husband in his business Nilusha decided it was time to move on and run her own business.

As Nilusha has done bookkeeping for a lot of her working life she’s gained a real passion for it and is looking forward to bringing that passion into her new Rosemary Bookkeeping business. Nilusha wants to start off by approaching local accounting firms and assisting them with their bookkeeping needs. After a few years of continual growth, Nilusha will look at expanding her workforce and bring on local bookkeepers from the Bristol area.

All of the bookkeepers in the Rosemary Bookkeeping network thrive on helping businesses with their bookkeeping in order to give them more time to grow their business, and Nilusha is no different.

I’m excited to welcome Nilusha to the Rosemary Network. Having experience running businesses in the past, Nilusha will be able to help small and medium enterprises in the Bristol area thrive. Nilusha has a great amount of knowledge, experience and ideas on how to develop her business and I’m looking forward to following and supporting her on her journey”, said Nina Ostasz, Rosemary Bookkeeping Brand Manager.

We are looking forward to supporting Nilusha in achieving her business goals. Welcome to the network Nilusha!

If you would like to discuss our available franchise opportunities in the Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise network, contact us to day on 0116 275 9005 or at franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk

We’re grateful to Grant Dye of Rosemary Bookkeeping North Kent & Isle of Sheppey for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with Tim, at our franchise support centre about why he joined Rosemary Bookkeeping.

They chat about:

  • Why should an individual join our franchise
  • Business ownership after redundancy
  • Thinking about the future & retirement
  • Industry research
  • What attracted him to Rosemary

You can watch the full interview here

It’s less than 4 minutes long and well worth the watch!

For anything else, contact our franchise recruitment team today on 0116 275 9005 or at franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk


We are proud to announce that Rosemary Bookkeeping are shortlisted in the Franchise Direct Top 100 Franchises for 2021. 

This is no mean feat and being shortlisted to position no#90 is a real achievement from the hundred’s of franchise operations in the UK.

The awards take many things in to consideration including it’s size, growth, years established, overall revenue, as well as it’s policies regarding sustainability, the environment and accessibility for new franchise owners.

Our application included a wealth of information on the above, as well as our support system for franchise owners and our innovations we have introduced to keep up with the pace of the ever-changing market.

The Franchise Direct Top 100 serve as ‘models’ to the franchise sector, particularly those who are looking to enter it with a lower risk business model.

If you’d like more information on our ranking, or our brand, contact our franchise recruitment team today on 0116 275 9005 or at franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk