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Meet the Marketing Manager

Meet the Rosemary Bookkeeping Marketing Manager Victoria Tayler is the Rosemary Bookkeeping Marketing Manager and has successfully taken care of this role since January 2017. Vicky has a wealth of experience in marketing, particularly as she successfully ran her own marketing consultancy business for several years. Now taking care of the commercial marketing for the […]

Meet the Brand Leader

Meet the Rosemary Bookkeeping Brand Manager Nina Ostasz is the new Brand Manager for Rosemary Bookkeeping. Nina joins us with a wealth of experience in working in operations and leadership roles. Having owned her own business, Nina knows a thing or two about how to run a successful business because of her knowledge in all […]

Financing your franchise

It’s a common misconception that you have to be cash rich to buy a franchise business. Entrepreneurs from all walks of life are able to buy a franchise through inheritance, redundancy, savings and of course, through finance. Getting your ‘house’ in order Obtaining finance is made easier if you have a good credit history and […]

What’s your why?

Everyone starts a business because they had a reason for doing so. Many reasons are the same, some different, but every reason is unique to the individual because it is their story. It’s important to establish your ‘why’ before going in to a business. Particularly in choosing a sector or a format. Common Why’s   […]

virtual training academies

Long before the Coronavirus pandemic, some training courses have always been offered as distance learning opportunities. However, in the franchise world, and in particular for Rosemary Bookkeeping Franchise, we have always held training centrally, at our Franchise Support Centre in Leicester. Several new territories Whilst some business operations had no choice but to temporarily pause, […]

Covid-19 – Has it taught us or reminded us?

We are undoubtedly in unchartered territory at present due to the Covid-19 pandemic and as such, here’s a few things what we have learnt throughout the pandemic so far; Working from home is encouraged where possible, so remote working has been extremely useful. Maintaining a clean environment and taking personal hygiene seriously are essential to […]

Home-based franchise opportunity

It is no surprise that many individuals are turning to home-based business opportunities because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but also to avoid the strains of the daily commute to work and the inflexibility of being tied to the office. There are many benefits from operating your business from your home initially, such as; Reduced overheads […]

Real Franchise Story – Mike Wallace – Rosemary Bookkeeping Reading

Mike Wallace of Rosemary Bookkeeping Reading joined the Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise back in 2013 and has since built a successful business with a team of bookkeepers.  Here’s a little about Mike’s story… Deciding on a franchise “I did have a decision to make on what I would then do next & having worked in Corporate […]

Proud affilliate members of the British Franchise Association

The British Franchise Association has been responsible for setting high quality standards for UK franchising since 1977 and through this process, the industry has grown to provide fantastic opportunities to UK businesses and people eager to invest with franchise brands, such as those belonging to ServiceMaster, amongst others. Joining the bfa is no mean feat. […]

The first steps to buying a franchise

A franchise is a great route to take if you want to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. A franchise offers the benefit of an established brand, a proven business model and support in the areas where you need it. There are almost 1,000 franchise systems in the UK to choose from […]

Planning and goal setting in business

Planning and setting goals are very much part of your whole journey with Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise. We encourage and work with you to put plans in place and implement them, so that you can achieve your goals in business. Here’s what you need to know; Business planning Before joining the franchise, you will be asked […]

Virtual Discovery Sessions

A discovery day is an important part of the journey that you will find yourself on, when looking to partner up with a franchise. Traditionally, you would be invited to the central office, to meet with the key members of the team who would support you in your new venture. However, due to the unprecedented […]

Smaller investment franchise opportunities

Smaller investment franchise opportunities A Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise fits comfortably in to the ‘low investment’ franchise bracket and because of this, it’s natural to have a few questions regarding what you get in return for the smaller fee. Throughout this blog we help to answer those common questions. Do you get less with a smaller […]

No experience necessary

Experience is not necessary with a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise It is a common misconception that in order to begin a bookkeeping business, that you have to have experience and qualifications to do so. They do help, but they are not a necessity, especially when you have the support of a franchise such as Rosemary Bookkeeping […]

Marketing – How to get customers

Marketing – How to get customers One of the most common concerns when going in to business is how to get customers. A benefit of teaming up with a franchise such as Rosemary Bookkeeping is that worry is quashed! We already have a well-established brand, undertake national marketing activities and support you in undertaking local […]

Growing a team

Growing a Team   When building your Rosemary Bookkeeping business, you will need to build a skilful and loyal team to deliver professional bookkeeping services to your clients.   It’s important to choose employees carefully to be a part of your team as they represent your whole business and can help you keep clients, but can unfortunately help you to lose them too.   What to […]

Getting the most from the Franchise

Getting the most from the Franchise  Being part of a franchise is a choice and every individual has their reasons for joining. There are costs to joining a franchise, but the benefits far outweigh these. Therefore, we recommend getting as much out of your franchise journey as possible.   Support   The support you can receive as a franchisee […]

The Advantages of Franchising

Advantages of Franchising   Franchising offers a great opportunity to go in to business for yourself, but not by yourself.   Plus, many other reasons that you may not have thought of.    Established Brand   For us, the brand is the sun. It’s at the centre of everything we do and everything we do radiates from it. For Rosemary Bookkeeping in particular, it’s been […]

Mental Wellbeing during Social Distancing & Self Isolation

With many of us perhaps feeling concerned, stressed or panicked by the current situation, we’ve put together a few ways of looking after your mental-wellbeing during these challenging times. The below is not medical advice but aimed to help a little as you face life’s current worries.   Connect with people   If you are in self-isolation, you may start to feel just that, isolated. What […]

Homeschooling from a Full Time Working Mum… How to Survive!

If like Vicky,  homeschooling wasn’t something that you had planned for, the below blog may be of use to you whilst you are trying to build your business and ensure your child/children gets the educational support that they need.  Written by Victoria Tayler, Rosemary Bookkeeping Marketing Manager and Full Time Mum  My name is Vicky, I am […]

How to stay motivated working from home

Our Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise opportunity initially means the business owner can work from home in the early days to save on premises costs, so following these tips can help if you are not used to it! Tip #1 – Create An Office You may be tempted to sit on the sofa or lie in bed […]

Keeping Positive

In these unprecedented times, you, like many others around the world may be feeling a little low in spirits. Things may seem a little gloomy but there are rays of positivity shining through.   We’ve put together a little blog on some of the lovely things which we’ve seen in the last few days in the hope of sharing a little […]

National Franchise Exhibition 2020

National Franchise Exhibition 13th and 14th March 2020 Rosemary are proud to be exhibiting at the National Franchise Exhibition at The NEC Birmingham on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th March 2020 Here at Rosemary we are a huge fan of spreading the word and sharing the vision for our franchise opportunities. We strongly believe that the […]

Rosemary Bookkeeping in Top 75 Franchises in the UK

Rosemary Bookkeeping, one of the UK’s leading bookkeeping franchises, has been named in the top 100 franchises in the UK, according to a guide by Elite Franchise. The Elite Franchise Top 100 Franchises recognises the sector’s brightest businesses and ranks them according to a broad range of criteria from their financial performance and heritage in […]

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The BIG Summer Summit

One of the best parts of being in a franchise is having the peer network around you. Here at Rosemary we vow to give our franchise business owners a platform to communicate with their fellow peers on a regular basis. We also ensure that we provide useful information to our franchisees in an interesting and […]

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Rosemary Bookkeeping opens in Bridgnorth & Wolverhampton!

Local businessman, Mark Hamblett has launched his new Rosemary Bookkeeping business in the Wolverhampton and Bridgnorth area. Mark has successfully completed his training academy with Rosemary Bookkeeping and today begins his journey with our franchise opportunity. With over 30 years experience in the financial sector, and over 35 years living in Wolverhampton, Mark couldn’t be […]

Afternoon Tea with Rosemary!

Rosemary Bookkeeping are pleased to announce the date of the Spring Discovery Day in the theme of Afternoon Tea  Wednesday 16th May is the day that we hold our Afternoon Tea party at our Franchise Support Centre in Leicester specially for those who are interested in learning about the Rosemary Bookkeeping Franchise Opportunity. It is […]

Rosemary Bookkeeping listed in top 100 UK franchises

Rosemary Bookkeeping, one of the UK’s leading bookkeeping franchises, has been named in the top 100 franchises in the UK, according to a guide by Elite Franchise. The Elite Franchise 100 recognises the sector’s brightest businesses and ranks them according to a broad range of criteria from their financial performance and heritage in the industry […]