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Existing Rosemary Bookkeeping Business for sale in Northampton

Established bookkeeping business for sale in Northampton   A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a budding entrepreneur in the Northampton and surrounding areas looking to set up their own bookkeeping business. Rosemary Bookkeeping Northampton has been an established business for nearly 5 years and provides bookkeeping and VAT returns to clients, from many sectors in […]

Age is nothing but a number

According to the last undertaken British Franchise Association survey in 2018, almost 20% of franchise units are owned by individuals under the age of 30. This statistic goes to show that that age doesn’t stop entrepreneurs from achieving their dreams. This can be put down to more individuals looking to business ownership rather than employment […]

Timescales to buy

Buying a franchise isn’t like buying a loaf of bread. It’s not just a decision for there and then, it is one for not only now, but also the future. It will therefore be no surprise to you that we have had business owners join our franchise in a timescale as short as one month […]

2021 – What does it mean for Rosemary Bookkeeping?

If you are thinking about joining our brand this year, but have concerns over the current situation and the affect that it may have, this blog is for you. In 2020, the Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise became stronger as it adapted to the ‘new normal’ and as such, pushed the business model to new heights. All businesses […]

Rosemary Bookkeeping – 2020 in review

Back in 2019 when we were evaluating our brand and making decisions for 2020, we could never have predicted what was in store for our franchise in 2020. That said, our brand has developed, our franchise owners have built resilient businesses that have stood the difficult trading conditions that the pandemic has brought upon the […]

An all-year-round opportunity

An all-year-round opportunity There are many great business opportunities out there and it’s important to consider whether you wish to operate to capacity all year round, or in seasons. Seasonal work is great for those who undertake more than one venture or prefer a little time off to regenerate. However, all year round is great […]

The importance of a CRM system

The importance of a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) Whether you store customer data on a spreadsheet or via business cards, both are disorganised and likely a breach in GDPR. If you are looking to get in to business, it’s a good idea to have thought about how you intend to store customer data to […]

Ranked in the Elite TOP 100 UK Franchises

The Elite Franchise Top 100 Franchises is all about celebrating successes in British franchising by ranking applicants from 1 to 100.  Despite the difficult trading conditions in the past year, we are proud to announce that the Rosemary Bookkeeping brand has ranked within the TOP 100 franchises in a solid position of #92! You can view […]

Prospect Franchise Certificate

As proud affiliate members of the British Franchise Association, we are pleased to share their Prospect Franchise Certificate, a free course designed to help you to feel fully prepared ahead of embarking on your new journey. The British Franchise Association (bfa) is the source of impartial information on all things franchising. It’s the self-regulatory body […]

Support when times are tough

Businesses have experienced two national lockdowns, local lockdowns and tier restrictions but fortunately for the businesses that are part of our franchise network, they have received support throughout. Support is one of the main reasons cited by business owners as to why they chose to join our franchise. It’s not just received from our team […]

Why having a brand is important

Having a brand is extremely important if you want to differentiate yourself from others, ensure consistency and build recognition. A brand isn’t just a logo, it’s the whole business image and everything that it stands for. The idea of a brand is for it to become desirable, that individuals want to be a part of […]

The importance of a great website

According to a source* 88% of consumers search for products and services online before looking via other avenues. As such, a website ensures that you don’t miss out on this captive audience. The basics Websites do not need to be state of the art to serve a purpose. They need to include information about the […]

What to expect in your franchisor interview

It’s a common misconception that buying a franchise is like buying a car. That providing you have the money and a driver’s licence, it’s yours. That is simply not the case with a franchise because it’s a commitment, typically over a minimum of five years to operate the business within the tramlines of the franchise […]

Are you facing redundancy?

Was your role one of the 695,000 that was made redundant post Covid-19? According to a piece written by the Guardian, redundancies rise at the fastest rate since 2009. This has meant that almost a half of those on furlough will not be returning to their previous job. Receiving notice of redundancy can be a […]

Is now the right time to start a business?

Like many others, you may find yourself questioning whether now is the right time to start a business. This is perfectly understandable given the current climate and the uncertainty in the air. What do the statistics say? Year to date, we have seen a 70% increase in enquiries from prospective business owners looking to join […]

New Rosemary Bookkeeping business is ‘virtually’ ready to go

Alan Trewhitt has secured the Warrington territory for his Rosemary Bookkeeping business and will begin helping business owners with their bookkeeping as early as next week. Having spent over thirty-four years in accounting roles working for other people, Alan decided in June of this year that he would like to work ‘for himself, but not by himself’ and […]

Start-up Loans

Could you be eligible for up to £25,000 Finance? So you have decided that a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise is right for you, but have concerns around raising the funding. Did you know that the government offer a Start Up Loan Scheme? You could be eligible to receive funding from £500 to £25,000 to start up or build […]

Writing a business plan

Writing a business plan First of all, congratulations for deciding to go in to business. The business plan is one of the first documents that you should complete. Whether it is to apply for finance, attract a business partner or to give you a clear path to achieving your business dreams, ensure that your business […]

Meet the Marketing Manager

Meet the Rosemary Bookkeeping Marketing Manager Victoria Tayler is the Rosemary Bookkeeping Marketing Manager and has successfully taken care of this role since January 2017. Vicky has a wealth of experience in marketing, particularly as she successfully ran her own marketing consultancy business for several years. Now taking care of the commercial marketing for the […]

Meet the Brand Leader

Meet the Rosemary Bookkeeping Brand Manager Nina Ostasz is the new Brand Manager for Rosemary Bookkeeping. Nina joins us with a wealth of experience in working in operations and leadership roles. Having owned her own business, Nina knows a thing or two about how to run a successful business because of her knowledge in all […]

Financing your franchise

It’s a common misconception that you have to be cash rich to buy a franchise business. Entrepreneurs from all walks of life are able to buy a franchise through inheritance, redundancy, savings and of course, through finance. Getting your ‘house’ in order Obtaining finance is made easier if you have a good credit history and […]

What’s your why?

Everyone starts a business because they had a reason for doing so. Many reasons are the same, some different, but every reason is unique to the individual because it is their story. It’s important to establish your ‘why’ before going in to a business. Particularly in choosing a sector or a format. Common Why’s   […]

Virtual training academies

Long before the Coronavirus pandemic, some training courses have always been offered as distance learning opportunities. However, in the franchise world, and in particular for Rosemary Bookkeeping Franchise, we have always held training centrally, at our Franchise Support Centre in Leicester. Several new territories Whilst some business operations had no choice but to temporarily pause, […]

Covid-19 – Has it taught us or reminded us?

We are undoubtedly in unchartered territory at present due to the Covid-19 pandemic and as such, here’s a few things what we have learnt throughout the pandemic so far; Working from home is encouraged where possible, so remote working has been extremely useful. Maintaining a clean environment and taking personal hygiene seriously are essential to […]

Home-based franchise opportunity

It is no surprise that many individuals are turning to home-based business opportunities because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but also to avoid the strains of the daily commute to work and the inflexibility of being tied to the office. There are many benefits from operating your business from your home initially, such as; Reduced overheads […]

Real Franchise Story – Mike Wallace – Rosemary Bookkeeping Reading

Mike Wallace of Rosemary Bookkeeping Reading joined the Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise back in 2013 and has since built a successful business with a team of bookkeepers.  Here’s a little about Mike’s story… Deciding on a franchise “I did have a decision to make on what I would then do next & having worked in Corporate […]

Nationally known, locally owned

We wanted to share the benefits of being a national brand to partner up with, with the opportunity to invest at a local level. A franchise truly does help to give back to your community. Our brands open doors Rosemary Bookkeeping is not only established nationally, but globally too. Clients are much more likely to […]

Proud affilliate members of the British Franchise Association

The British Franchise Association has been responsible for setting high quality standards for UK franchising since 1977 and through this process, the industry has grown to provide fantastic opportunities to UK businesses and people eager to invest with franchise brands, such as those belonging to ServiceMaster, amongst others. Joining the bfa is no mean feat. […]

The first steps to buying a franchise

A franchise is a great route to take if you want to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. A franchise offers the benefit of an established brand, a proven business model and support in the areas where you need it. There are almost 1,000 franchise systems in the UK to choose from […]

Planning and goal setting in business

Planning and setting goals are very much part of your whole journey with Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise. We encourage and work with you to put plans in place and implement them, so that you can achieve your goals in business. Here’s what you need to know; Business planning Before joining the franchise, you will be asked […]

Virtual Discovery Sessions

A discovery day is an important part of the journey that you will find yourself on, when looking to partner up with a franchise. Traditionally, you would be invited to the central office, to meet with the key members of the team who would support you in your new venture. However, due to the unprecedented […]

Smaller investment franchise opportunities

Smaller investment franchise opportunities A Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise fits comfortably in to the ‘low investment’ franchise bracket and because of this, it’s natural to have a few questions regarding what you get in return for the smaller fee. Throughout this blog we help to answer those common questions. Do you get less with a smaller […]